Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I noticed I was tagged by akumaxkami from Les Fleurs Noires to write 7 facts about myself. So I will! It's hard to think of good ones, though...

1. Despite my obviously 'weird' tastes in clothing and many other things, I still consider myself a normal person.
2. But I haven't always. When I was a child, I was convinced I was a fairy child exchanged for a human child, or a princess of a magical country who had to be kept safe from enemies, so was raised by unsuspicious, normal people. I was also convinced I was the smartest person on earth.
3. I have the terrible habit of waiting with homework until the last moment. Apparently I work best under heavy stress, but I don't like it!
4. I like my feet :3
5. I studied Chemical Engineering for half a year, but it wasn't a great success.
6. I bite my nails.
7. I dream of someday publishing my own book, graphic novel or manga.

Now, I have to get back to studying Modern History! Exams next week...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Animecon 2011

Some years ago I read a lot of manga, mostly Naruto and Bleach. I've grown out of that by now, but I still enjoy it from time to time.
With the manga-fandom came an interest in cosplay. A few friends of mine were interested as well, so we started sewing and went to Animecon in cosplay. That was in 2008.

Now I'm more interested in lolita than in cosplay, but lolita's are often seen at cons as well. Especially because this con is not only about manga/ anime, but about Japanese pop-culture in general. So when a friend suggested to go again this year, I said yes, and went in lolita.

Well... not really my usual style of lolita...
I thought: it's a convention, a special occasion. Everyone is wearing costumes. I want to wear something flashy as well.
I planned to wear the Sugary Carnival replica, but Dream of Lolita is so slow that it didn't arrive on time. So I took my most elaborate dress and made it as OTT as I could.

This was my 'test drive' for the outfit. I love this BABY dress, but it's too short so I wore a skirt underneath it. Unfortunately it's not exactly the same color, but it's as close as I could get. I'll make a white underskirt for it eventually.
The wig used to be a cheap Marilyn Monroe-costume wig, but I teased it 'till it was unrecognizable. I hope it looks somewhat rococo.
I attached a string of pearls to the headbow and a friend lent me the wristcuffs. I love them, I must get a pair myself!
Shoes are an*tai*na and socks are BABY.

I also wore false lashes for the first time!

Since I've never teased anything before, my wig wasn't as poofy as it could be. Luckily my friend had more experience, so she helped me ^^ At the con, I looked like this:

I met some very nice lolita's at the con. My opinion of lolita's in my country is getting better and better, I'm happy about that!

I don't think I'll wear a wig very often. It's so hot! It got really itchy at some point, too, because the netting kept scratching my ears... But I did feel like Marie Antoinette, so it was worth it ^^