Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chanel and some Old Masters

Last weekend my parents visited me, and I went to an exhibition about Chanel with my mother, whom I inherited the love for sewing from.

To be honest I found the exhibition to be a bit boring. There was no new exiting information that I didn't know yet. I would've loved more info about the social changes in the two periods Chanel bloomed (20s and 50s) but it was mostly pictures of celebrities wearing her clothes and stories about how much they loved it. No word about construction, materials, design... I was slightly disappointed. The crowds of 'fashionista's' and the idolization of Karl Lagerfeld didn't make me any happier.

So I quickly went to another part of the museum, where my favourite collection in the world is kept; the masters of the Dutch Golden Age. Photo's were forbidden but I sneaked a few.

Rembrandt! <3

Gabriƫl Metsu
Gerard ter Borch
These paintings provide wonderful details on the clothes, don't you think? I can't wait to make a dress and mantle in Vermeer style!

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