Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving on

Hey all,
It's been a while. I think it's official now: I've left lolita.
The last time I wore a petticoat was at the Fly Away Fashion tea party, and that was the first time in months, too. Although I met some nice people there, and had fun, I didn't really feel at home in the clothes and the community.
I like toned-down steampunk and Dolly kei, and otome style, but I don't think I'll wear a petti on a regular basis anymore, like I used to last year. I like 'normal' clothes better now.
I was in Paris last week, and when I realized my hotel was close to the Baby shop, I decided to take a look. When I browsed through the racks, my thoughts were among these lines:

"This is seriously overpriced, the quality isn't that good."
"This is just plain ugly."
"What idiot would wear this?"

Maybe, if it had been VM or Innocent World, I wouldn't have thought that, but I think it's clear. I'm over it.
(I hope no Baby fans are insulted now... I don't mean to insult the fashion, it's just not for me anymore.)
When I look back at some of the photo's on my Facebook account, I cringe in shame, and hope no one ever looks at them. Already I deleted the tags on many of them.

So much has happened to me, I feel like I'm becoming a different person. My boyfriend broke up with me a month or two ago, but already two other guys expressed interest in me. It's strange because I never had the feeling that I'm popular, but now my self-confidence is blooming. Ironic that I needed a break-up to gain confidence...

And, to make things complete, I will leave for Japan in September and start a year of studying at Nagasaki University. I'm very excited and also scared, but I hope and trust it will be an amazing experience.