Saturday, February 9, 2013


Let me revive this poor abandoned blog to tell you about something really exciting.

I'm in Tokyo at the moment, on a vacation for a few days. Of course I visited some shops, I'll write about that later, but the most notable was Grimoire. I had my doubts before visiting, but it is even more brilliant than it seems on the internet. Really, I love love love it.

I'll write more about the visit and the rest of my trip later, but for now I want to show you my appearance on the Grimoire weblog!

Here are screencaps, I'll put a translation underneath each picture.

Good evening!
Today a very cute customer came to our shop.
It's Maria-chan from Holland!

(Maria is my Japanese nickname, since the pronunciation of my real name is too difficult)

She's an exchange student at Nagasaki University, and today visited Grimoire while on a trip to Tokyo.
Her Japanese is reaaally good, and she seems to love Japanese fashion.
She tried on a Tiroler dress in our shop!!
It suits her too well...

(The picture is a bit bleh, I hate flash (and my comfortable boots clash with the outfit), but it can't be helped.)

I was amazed, she really looked like a local girl!
So cute~ Maria-chan, thank you!
If you come to Tokyo again, please stop by 'ne' <3

I can hardly believe it. They are so sweet! Oh, now I do wish I lived in Tokyo...