Wednesday, April 18, 2012

test-drive rococo hair

"Si les paysans n'ont pas de pain, qu'ils mangent de la brioche."

If the peasants don't have bread, let them eat cake.

At the upcoming Elf Fantasy Fair, I will be wearing a Marie Antoinette-style dress (all handmade... so much work!). This was a test to see whether the boat would stay in my hair, and whether I could get it up in a bouffant using "donuts". This looks nothing like the final product though. At the Fair I will have 2 "donuts" underneath the bouffant (here I'm wearing 1) and my friend will help teasing and curling my hair (here it's straight and not teased at all). So I hope it will be EPIC.

Here's a sketch of my entire outfit:

The textiles I'm using are dark and light green with golden details, and a white underskirt. I'm so excited! Too bad the weather forecast is really bad. I would be sooo disappointed if it were to rain and my hair would die... And my dress get wet... And my make-up run... And all the pictures turn out dark and gloomy... And the picknick ruined... So keep praying to the weather gods!

Oh, and it's not meant to be completely historically accurate. I know some people take great pride in reproducing 100% correct historical dresses, but I just want something pretty.

If you happen to be at the EFF and see me (a green-clad rococo lady with a matching rococo gentleman, in a group of all other kinds of costumes and 'normals'), don't hesitate to say hi! :)
We're also planning to participate in a costume contest. There are unbelievably awesome costumes each year, so I'm pretty sure we won't win anything, but it will be fun!