Thursday, October 11, 2012

So, I'm in Japan now.

Hey everyone :)

It's been a long time since I wrote! I've had lots of matters other than fashion to deal with, but now I think I've settled and I'm ready to start blogging again.

As I've said before, this October I started studying at the university of Nagasaki. I'll be here for one year. It's amazing so far. It's been a little more than 3 weeks now, and I'm finally starting to feel at home.
Well, this is a fashion blog, so I won't write about studying or my personal life. But there's more than enough fashion to talk about!
I am amazed by the style of the Japanese girls here. My teacher said I shouldn't expect Nagasaki to be like Tokyo, and that people here don't wear fancy clothes much, but he was not completely right. Of course, the numbers are fewer than in Tokyo, but I've seen very many super stylish girls, and also a few lolita's, goths and punks, and hime-gal. I've only been here for a short time, so I can't say for sure yet, but I do think alternative fashion is not very uncommon here.
Also, I think the regular fashion is great. Skirts with pleats, blouses with round collars, old-fashioned shoes, pocketwatch-necklaces, flowers, lots of lace, brown, wine red, beige and dusty pink... I love it! It's exactly the style I want to move into after lolita.  It has the same aesthetic and the same old-fashioned romanticness -is that a word?- as Classic (which I still love!), but it's simpler and easier to wear. And the greatest thing is- all the girls here wear it, and they all like it!

I don't have any fashion-related pictures yet. So meanwhile, enjoy this picture of a Japanese dancer :)