Monday, January 10, 2011

2 outfits, waiting for spring

Today I didn't have much to do, and it was too cold to go outdoors for fun. So I stayed at home and tried on a few dresses, longing for warmer days.


All Bodyline & offbrand
I actually don't like the blouse I'm wearing with this. I bought it from Bodyline when I just started building a lolita wardrobe, because I thought blouses were absolutely neccessary for lolita. But now, I realize there are very few blouses I like. I much prefer cutsews, cardigans or turtlenecks. But... I don't have a proper cutsew at the moment, so the blouse will have to do.

My accesories! The necklace was a present from my dad when I was younger and still danced ballet. The bracelet is vintage and the rabbit and deer rings from H&M. And my nailpolish clashes horribly XD

 And now, my one and only BABY onepiece! It's actually the only brand I have... The rest of my wardrobe consists of handmade, offbrand and Bodyline pieces. But I do plan on buying a little more brand, it's just too lovely. Expensive though...

I feel like Marie-Antoinette...
I have a clip-on fringe that I sometimes use with sweet styles. I don't really like my face with a fringe, but I think my hair looks too plain if I wear a headdress or bow without a fringe. And it's almost a perfect match with my haircolor, so I think it looks okay.

With fringe!
See? It looks much better with a fringe. I'm going to the hairdresser soon, I'm tired of my long hair. It gets in the way of everything and I can't do much more with it than if it was half as long. The lenght is pretty, but also quite useless. I'm not sure whether I will get a fringe or something like that. I think a straight fringe doesn't suit my face, and I've got the clip-on one already, should I want it. I'll have to think about it some more...

I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear short-sleeved shirts again, and sundresses, and bare legs... But we're still in the middle of the winter. The next outfit post will be more weather-appropiate, I promise!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My goals and resolutions

A new year has started, and because everyone and their mother is writing about their resolutions, I will do that too. I do have a few, though some are not neccessarily related to lolita.
  1. Get to know at least one local lolita. I'm a little prejudiced against the local community, but I'd love to be proven wrong. I'm sure there must be nice lolita's in my country. So maybe I'll join the national forum, or go to a public meetup, or comment on a blog... I don't know yet. 
  2. Get a new haircut. My current hair is brown, straight and long. It reaches my bottom, and although I love long hair, it does get a little inconvenient. I dye it in a different color once in a while, but it's getting boring. I've had this haircut since I was 15, and now I'm almost 20! It's time for a change.
  3. Stop biting my nails. I have this one every year, and I've broken it already, but I will still try! I want to be proud of my hands!
  4. Sew more. I have so many ideas for dresses and jumperskirts, my sketchbook and fabric stash are overflowing! Hopefully I'll have time to sew a lot in this new year.
  5. Draw more, and post more drawings. I sketch a lot of designs for dresses, but I haven't made a real drawing in a long time. I also want to post some of my art on tumblr and on this blog.
  6. Be an active lolita blogger! First I have to announce this blog on daily_lolita and egl. I don't have any followers yet, which is not surprising because no one knows about it yet! Then I have to post regularly, and about interesting subjects. I want to write about more than just the latest brand releases. I just hope people will like what I write...

Well, I hope everyone will have a very good 2011, and will be able to keep his/her resolutions! I'll do my best to keep mine.