Wednesday, October 14, 2015

American Duchess' Kensington shoes! (and a bit of Versailles)

Hi everyone,

-Yes, it's been a while, are you still there? Great!-

To congratulate myself on getting a new job I ordered American Duchess' Kensington shoes, which I've been pining for since the moment I knew they existed. I got the red ones because, obviously, nothing is better than red shoes.

They arrived relatively quickly (USA-Netherlands), but I did have to pay an additional 21% customs tax before I could get my hands on them... The downside of international online shopping. That did make them a bit more expensive than I had expected, but well, they are worth it.

Picture time!

I ordered the 'Fleur' buckles with them, and my boyfriend helped me with punching the holes in the flaps to attach the buckles (that did require some mental strength!).

They're sliiiightly on the big side, but fit fine otherwise. The heel is very stable and they're comfortable to walk in. I did get a blister on one heel when I walked in them all day but I suppose I could get that from any new shoes. Mostly they're just really, really pretty and I'm very happy that I finally own them!

I got them just in time to wear to Versailles, which is the most perfect place I could ever imagine wearing these to! I only wish I had a complimenting robe à la française, but I'll have to work on that (someday...). 
I'll devote another post to Versailles and the rest of our trip, these are just the pictures with my shoes in them. 

It was very crowded and hot. Not fun, as you can tell by my uncomfortable fake smile. We're going back in the low season to fully enjoy the palace. 

But I was still super excited to be there! I danced around on these beautiful tiles (home of the King of ballet + awesome shoes + pretty floor = obligatory dancing) but sadly there's no video material. 

That's just the pedestal of a really big equestrian statue of Louis XIV, as you can see, one of my history crushes (he's second after Leonardo da Vinci). 

Last pic!
I'll write about Versailles and the rest once I've edited all the photo's, which might take a while with 3 exams and a paper coming up...

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