Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A 1805 dress

Already halfway the first semester, and I've never felt so rushed before. School's busy and difficult, I have a part-time job 3 days a week and my lessons at the conservatory take time as well.
In the little free time I had between returning from Japan and the start of the semester, I sewed a dress from Janet Arnolds 'Patterns of Fashion': a 1805 dress. Although I made a mistake in the fabric I chose, I am still pleased with the result because it's the first historical project I've done and I think it looks quite nice.
I haven't had time to take pretty pictures yet, so I can only show the photo's my mother took with my phone. It was dark already so I've made them black&white, it looks better I think.

It has an apron-like front that's held up with buttons and waist ties.

one in colour!

I love how the back turned out, it's such an elegant shape.

I got the inspiration from Marianne's seductive dark red dress in the BBC's Sense & Sensibility:

on the right


I think it has the same kind of pattern, although it looks a little different. But for a first attempt I'm quite satisfied. Now I just need an old library and a charming Colonel :)

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  1. That's gorgeous! I love the Regency styles gowns I see every now and then in film. That color suits you so nicely too!