Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2 vintage finds (and a concert)

As you all know I love vintage clothing. Although I've always had a preference for the 50's and earlier, last week I encountered two articles that made me reconsider my taste.

While fabric shopping with my mother we decided to hop into one of our favourite vintage shops, 'just to have a look'. I'd been on the lookout for a fall/winter skirt, and on the fabric market we had both been admiring the beautiful tartan wools of this season, plus I love everything with pleats, so the second I saw this pleated tartan woolen skirt with fabric-covered buttons, I was sold. I was afraid it might be too small but it's a perfect fit.
This skirt is from the '70s and looks great when paired with mustard-yellow. I've made some outfits with it and worn it quite often already, but here's one I managed to snap pictures of. Sorry for the graininess and dull colour, it's already dark when I come home...

I like that it isn't the standard red tartan, which I'm not overly fond of. Now that I see the pictures I do realize how Christmassy it looks combined with red! It can also give a nice schoolgirl look. 

But that isn't the best thing I found! My jewel of the day is this '60s dress:

It wasn't on the racks, but hung on display on the wall, combined with cute crocheted white gloves. I already own gloves like that (or rather, my mother owns them and I wear them...) But it looked so cute and interesting I really wanted to try it on. And guess what- perfect fit again. I only had to adjust the darts of the bodice. It was made for a different bra shape -those pointy ones- and looked strange when worn over a modern bra. But now it's very wearable.

I already wore it for a special occasion; a concert of the amazing mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato. If you're not familiar with her, go look her up! Especially her album Furore, or Drama Queens (which is the concert I've seen). 

After the concert. I also got a poster :D

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